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Listing #28231

Listing #: 28231

Beds: 2

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Brighton

Price: $1825

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Listing #16617

Listing #: 16617

Beds: 1

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Boston (Fenway)

Price: $2935

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Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Education: Keep Me Certified

When it's time to fulfill those CE credits, where do you go? Keep Me Certified is a fully licensed and bonded Massachusetts Realestate school.

Clip of the day- 5/9/12- Asians hooked up to IV’s to help them study

Don’t insert asian education joke here

Clip of the day- 5/7/12- Kevin Nealon marries couples in vegas

Vegas weddings just got temporarily cooler

this baby knows what's up

I'm going to start doing the same thing

Today I Found Out

In this week?s ?best of? our YouTube channel, we look at how the practice of women jumping out of cakes began, who invented Monopoly, the surprisingly fascinating story of the founding of KFC, the interesting origins of the Troll doll and SpongeBob Squarepants, the boy who was executed twice, and the infamous Fcuk Fashion campaign. Click here to subscribe to [...]

The post Women Jumping Out of Cakes, Inventing Monopoly, the Boy Who was Executed Twice and More appeared first on Today I Found Out.

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