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04/26/17 2016 Prius C 725 MILES !!!! $16,900.00
04/26/17 2016 Toyota Prius C $16,900.00
04/25/17 SALE! bed, desk, wardrobes, bookcases, roomdividers and others $10
04/23/17 2011 Mazda 3 S. Sport Grand Touring sedan, 4door, Low Miles, Zoom,Zoom! Fun to d $9795
04/23/17 Selling Good Condition iPhone 6s 64GB Unlocked 399 or Offer
04/23/17 25" TV for sale $20
04/23/17 Roommate Wanted for 2017/2018 School Year, near Boston College (Girls Only) $910/month
04/23/17 Summer Sublet Brighton, Chiswick Rd. (Girls Only) $910
04/21/17 CHEAP On Demand Storage for Summer... They Do All the Work!
04/20/17 Roommate Wanted for Bedroom w/ Bathroom - May 13 - Summer Housing 1179
04/18/17 Queen size bed, 2 lamps, heater, chair, shoe rack, 1 study table, cupboard 400
04/18/17 Room available for sublet in Gardencrest 711
04/18/17 Brand New (sealed package) Apple MacBook (Touch Bar and Touch ID Model) 1550
04/17/17 Need someone to cut grass for older couple $25
04/16/17 Awesome huge sofa for sale! $45
04/16/17 Room available now for sublease for $450 per month. (Free gym! No deposit) 450
04/14/17 Summer sublet in Brighton $1000
04/12/17 1 bedrooms located in the Waverley Square area - Females only!- $650 650
04/11/17 Looking for a roommate for the year 2017-2018
04/11/17 Looking to sublet a Studio or 1BHK in Waltham from May-August 2017
04/10/17 "Student looking for a roommate for the 2017/18 school year starting August!"
04/08/17 URGENT GREAT DEAL- $600 Room for rent from August 15th 2017 in a 3 BD Apt, Belmo $600

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Listing #28465

Listing #: 28465

Beds: 1

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Brighton

Price: $1250

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Listing #19614

Listing #: 19614

Beds: 2

Available: 02/25/11

Location: Boston (Jamaica Plain)

Price: $2000

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Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Education: Keep Me Certified

When it's time to fulfill those CE credits, where do you go? Keep Me Certified is a fully licensed and bonded Massachusetts Realestate school.

Clip of the day- 5/9/12- Asians hooked up to IV’s to help them study

Don’t insert asian education joke here

Clip of the day- 5/7/12- Kevin Nealon marries couples in vegas

Vegas weddings just got temporarily cooler

this baby knows what's up

I'm going to start doing the same thing

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Ryan asks: If the president has a pet dog, do their bodyguards also watch over his dog like they do his family? Even before the U.S. president is elected such, if they’re considered a “major candidate” for the job, they get offered Secret Service protection. Whether they accept that protection or not, once elected until the day they die (unless [...]

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