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Guidelines for getting your article published:

  1. The mission of the FullDorm Post is to bring relevant and interesting news to students. Stick to the facts and keep your political views out of the article.
  2. Don't write in CAPS!
  3. 275 word count minimum.
  4. Each post needs a graphic.
  5. Check your spelling for errors.
  6. Don't submit an old or already published article.
  7. All uploaded files must be in .doc or .docx format.
  8. All articles are pre-screened and must be approved by our editorial staff.

A few good ideas for an article:

  1. Write a summar about a recent on-campus event.
  2. Student business news. Whether you just launched or have an inspiring story to share, write about it and send it in.
  3. Students love to read about other students doing something extraordinary. Tell us about it.
  4. School sports. Did your basketball team just win an important game, or did they beat the other team by 100 points?
  5. Is there an issue on campus affecting the student body?

Invite us to your event! We love writing stories about student/organization events around Boston.

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